Moringa in Adama Kamara hair growing products

Matthew Nasif

We grow our Moringa locally on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Healthy hair can impact the physical appearance to a great extent. Health problems or nutritional deficiencies can damage the hair and cause problems like dandruff, split ends and breakage. Improving the nutrient content of the hair and skin is a science that had been practiced for thousands of years and by some of the most famous names in history.

The use of Moringa in beauty products goes back centuries. Moringa oil was highly valued in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt as it was used to make perfumes, soften skin, and oil hair. Additionally, Moringa’s high vitamins A and C content makes it excellent for improving skin elasticity and lightening the complexion.

Ancient Egyptians were huge fans of Moringa oil, and would use a mixture  of Moringa oil, castor oil , and sesame oil to reduce their wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance. They found further use for it when protecting and rejuvenating their skin from the harsh, sunny desert environment. A similar environment we face today in our toxic and highly polluted cities. Moringa was such a highly sought-after oil that Jars filled with Moringa oil were given as parting gifts to deceased loved ones and even deceased kings and queens.

Moringa Oleifera has a high content of vitamin A, thus promoting hair growth and maintenance. Optimum delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle is vital for proper hair growth. Vitamin A plays an important role in the development of healthy cells and tissues in the body and reduction of hair loss. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause thickening of scalp, dry hair and dandruff.

Moringa plant also contains zinc which stimulates hair growth by enhancing the immune function. Zinc and silica along with vitamin A can prevent drying and clogging of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are responsible for production of sebum. Deficiency of zinc can lead to shrinking or atrophy of the hair follicles due to the impairment of DNA and protein synthesis. Zinc also influences the conformation of nucleic acids.

Vitamin E in Moringa is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation around the scalp. Proper flow of blood to the scalp helps in the absorption of more nutrients available in the hair follicles.

Moringa is a storehouse of all the nutrients required for healthy hair. Hair loss occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin B- especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. Proper blood circulation to the scalp enables hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. Vitamin C together with vitamin E helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp. It is vital to maintain capillaries that carry blood onto the follicles.

Moringa contains abundant quantities of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese which are essential for healthy hair.

Moringa oil is a natural supplement for improving the overall health and the health and strength of hair and scalp. Regular scalp massage with this oil, can help to reduce split ends and dandruff . It can supply rejuvenating vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles and tissues of the scalp thus activating hair growth in dormant hair follicles.

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