SBS "Medicine or Myth" featured Adama Kamara Shampoo and hair Balm pack

Adama Kamara Shampoo

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SBS "Medicine or Myth" featured Adama Kamara Shampoo and hair Balm pack

This Shampoo and Hair Balm pack contains a careful combination of special herbs and essential oils such as Moringa Oleifera, Lavender, Rosemary, Jojoba etc. that may assist with hair growth and hair follicle recovery. The reasons for hair loss may vary from one person to the next but the principles to regrow the hair is always the same. That is to improve blood flow to the scalp, bring more nutrients to the tired or dormant hair follicles, and flood the dormant or diseased hair follicles with antioxidants and other anti inflammatory herbs that promotes healing and recovery of the hair follicles leading to healthy and robust hair growth. Spraying the hair balm on the hair and scalp daily will ensure that the scalp in continually nourished and the hair is hydrated and strengthened.

In the SBS medicine and myth show it was tested for 6 weeks instead of the recommended 3 months period and within the 6 weeks period 38 percent of the trial participants had already regrown their hair. Another 38 percent experienced hair thickness and more voluminous hair . We have been testing this product for over 20 years in Australia and overseas and the results are always positive. Some people recover faster than others but given time the herbs in the shampoo have been able to restore health to fatigued or dormant hair follicles. Losing hair or staying bald should be a lifestyle choice.