1 SBS ( Medicine or Myth) tested Adama Kamara Shampoo x 2, Conditioner and hair Balm Pack

Adama Kamara Shampoo

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1 SBS ( Medicine or Myth) tested Adama Kamara Shampoo x 2, Conditioner and hair Balm Pack

This Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Balm pack contains all natural ingredients that have been tested and shown to stimulate hair growth, improve the health of the scalp and promote healthy follicles.The conditioner helps to de-tangle hair also as well as make the hair soft and healthy looking.This product was initially developed over 2 decades ago to treat hair loss in some nuns who insisted on a simple and cost effect solution to a mysterious  hair loss problem that seem to be affecting their small cohort. After months of trials using various herbs and essential oils, a combination of special herbs and essential oils that improve blood flow to the scalp while boosting the concentration of nutrients to the hair follicles proved successful. The grateful nuns regrew their hair within 6 months and suggested trialing the product on men suffering from hair loss. The product worked just as well as it did for the nuns.

The product was largely sold in Australia and overseas through word of mouth until a year ago when an opportunity was provided to independently test the product on SBS "Medicine or Myth."  The original trial period was designed for 3 months but due to unforseen delays the trials ran for only 6 weeks. However within this 6 weeks period, over 3/4 of the trial participant experienced either, new hair growth, thicker, fuller and healthier hair and scalp and were happy to continue using this product.

Since this product was aired on television in Australia in July 2019. We have sold this product to hundreds of very satisfied customers who have continued the legacy of recommending the product to their family and friends.
The main ingredients in the Shampoo and Conditioner include Moringa, Jojoba, Rosemary, Lavender, etc.